Roasted Tomato Salmorejo with ham and egg 5,00

Muscovite salad with pickled tuna belly 8,00

Marinated mackerel with piriñaca and wakame seaweed 11,00

Tuna tartare with white garlic 14.90

Marinated salmon, apricots and cheese salad 10.00


Taco of red veal tail 8.00

Tuna mormo taco in tomato 8,20

Wheat noodles with prawns and shiitake 12,00

Lacquered octopus with tubers sautéed in spiced butter and paprika 14.00

Retinta beef cannelloni with fried tomato and payoyo 9.50

Stew croquettes 6.60


Fish market with zucchini and carrot seasoning 18,00

Pijotas fried in tempura with citrus tartar 10.80

Cod with tomato concassé and black olives 10,00

Garlic sprigs with tender wheat 10,00


The mirror burger of red veal with potatoes and spicy mayonnaise 11,00

Iberian cheek with truffled puree 12.00

Iberian pen with anticucho and citrus couscous 14.00

Glazed rib with chives puree 10.50

Beef sirloin with risotto potatoes and vegetables 18.20


Chocolate brownie with passion fruit soup 6.20

Chocolate coulant 5.80

Apricot in syrup with white choco cream and cut stick

Blue cheese cake with red berries 5.90

Apricot in syrup with white choco cream and cut stick 6.50

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