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The Mirror

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We want you to enjoy

We have created these menus for you to share with family or friends and make your food a special moment, because as Cicero said


"The pleasure of banquets should be measured not by the abundance of delicacies, but by the meeting of friends and their conversation. "


Drink, eat and have fun.


Our Menu

Available from Tuesday to Friday

(Friday only half a day)

When you make the reservation

Tell us the menu you have chosen

The menus are under reservation.

They are served at a full table.

Come and want to enjoy it.


Starters to Share


Octopus and pickles salad


Quimchi croquettes with semi bonito mojama


Artichoke, beans and onion


Individual dishes


Pargo with tomato and potato juice


Grilled Iberian sirloin with mushrooms




Lemon pie


Price €27


Drinks not included

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