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sherry week

Sherry Week

The Palomino Grape and its Payments


Carrot salmorejo

- Viña armijo 12 liños 2017 (Miraflores payment)

Braised shark with Iberian bacon carbonara

- Viña armijo 2017 12 years 2017 (Pago Miraflores)


Semi mojama of mackerel with pickles

- Cut and scrape viña la charanga 2017 (Pago mahina)

Shrimp tartare with galera juice

- The 30 of the square 2018 (High balbaína payment, the square)

Noodles with prawns and Payoyo cream cheese

- The mercedes de callejuela 2018 (annual payment)

Potato cream glazed rib

- Chamomile passed on the branch The gypsy anniversary

(payment high balbaina, the square)

Panna cotta and roasted apple ice cream cheesecake

- Sparkling Toto Barbadillo (low balbaína payment, Santa Lucia)

Espejo salón de entrada
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